Brand Development and Strategy

You have an established brand, a great brand in fact, but how do you get your name, your products and your services ‘out there’ online?

Before blogs begin, product flatlays are fashioned and social media feeds are made scroll-worthy, the team at Melbourne Social Co believe all great brand awareness efforts have one thing in common – a digital marketing strategy.

A roadmap to guide online communications for a designated period of time, a digital marketing strategy is a transparent document used to outline a brand’s online goals and objectives, followed by the digital marketing methods recommended to achieve these.

Without a proportion of your business’s marketing budget dedicated to online exposure, your brand’s product or service is about as easy to find as a needle in your industry’s haystack. At Melbourne Social Co, our digital marketing strategies demystify the steps to social media success and how to increase your brand’s visibility – both online and offline.

Melbourne Social Co. offer a range of digital marketing strategy services for businesses looking to begin building an online audience, expand on (or capitalise) current ‘noise’ they’re making or transform a business’s products or services from things people “want” to ‘things they needed yesterday”.

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Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategies

We can assist you in creating a digital marketing strategy to ensure you are best positioned to take your brand to market.

As part of our digital marketing strategy service, your business will receive:

  1. A consultation with our team to discuss your business and the goals and objectives of your brand in detail.
  2. Based on this thorough consultation, Melbourne Social Co will prepare a digital marketing strategy that can cover:
  • An audit of the brand’s current social media activity and status
  • Goals and objectives for the brand’s online presence
  • A market review, analysing direct competitors’ online output
  • Target audience profiling and demographic analytics
  • Development of your brand’s online persona and tone of voice
  • Visual aesthetic guidelines to reach intended online audiences
  • Content creation and social media channel recommendations
  • Three month digital marketing map outlining all planed online activity
  • Weekly social media content planner, including times of day to post and content types
  • Data analysis tools and recommendations

Above and beyond, our team can weave the following areas of marketing expertise into each brand’s digital strategy:

  • Launch communications and planning
  • Digital influencer campaign planning and outreach
  • Public relations activity and brand perception control
  • Website design, development and project management
  1. At the conclusion of our digital marketing strategy service, our team will prepare two weeks worth of social media content (as recommended within our strategy) for use on your social media channels.

At Melbourne Social Co, we have a team of specialists in the fields of brand awareness, digital strategy, marketing, content creation, blogging and digital influencer outreach, advertising, public relations, event management, website development, photography and graphic design. Can you say you have all of those consultants working for you?

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Not sure where to start? Want to spend some time with our expert team? Need help shaping your brand strategy for 2018?

We now offer one-on-one consulting sessions to help clarify and refine your marketing requirements.

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