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When trying to reach your audience through social media, the same tried and tested marketing principle applies that did with traditional media - good quality digital content will get you seen and heard.

Comprising copywriting, images, video and graphic design, digital content produced by your business is a controllable way to generate brand awareness, develop an online persona and position your brand within your industry.

Be it a well-written blog post or a beautiful flatlay photograph, developing good quality digital content has never been more important for your business.


  • Sharing content online gives you a genuine reason to connect with your consumer and build rapport
  • Engaging content builds brand loyalty through creating a connection between yourself and your consumer
  • Developing a signature style leads to brand recognition, giving you an edge over the competition
  • Digital content assists in Search Engine Optimisation and increases online traffic

But while digital content may be king, it’s the quality of your content that separates the men from the boys!

Here at Melbourne Social Co, we understand that when running a business, it can be a stressful and time-consuming juggling act trying to create engaging content, stay abreast of digital trends and consistently managing your social media presence.

That’s where we come in …

Melbourne Social Co has a team of digital content creation experts at our fingertips. From copywriters and graphic designers to photographers and stylists, we have the right digital content creator to suit your business’ needs.

What can we do for your business?

Our content creation service can include:

  • Strategic blogging to create written blog content for your website on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis
  • Creative copywriting for social media. Our team will craft creative social media posts on a regular basis, with a view to increasing engagement and reach across your chosen platforms, ultimately resulting in increased brand awareness. All posts created by our team are high quality and designed to represent your brand in a professional, sophisticated manner. We plan all social media content for your brand at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for an approval/editing process
  • Image library creation. In order to feed the hungry social media beast you’re going to require a bank of high quality, engaging imagery. As part of our image library creation service we can supply your business with a mix of styled product/location photographs, aspirational images, stock images, quotes, graphics and illustrations each month
  • Video library creation. Video content is an important part of any digital strategy in 2018. As part of our video library creation service, we can supply your business with a mix of short social media videos, including boomerangs, GIFs and animations. Longer videos can be created upon request
  • Monthly recommendations – As part of our content creation service, Melbourne Social Co will suggest improvements to the content marketing strategy to ensure maximum engagement and reach for your brand

Want to get a feel for our style?

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